Rolex Yacht-Master Watches introduced

5The new brand of Oysterflex clasp for Yacht-Master was developed by Rolex and gained the patent. This sporty design of clasp can replace the metal clasp. Also has high waterproofing, Solid and reliable. This type of clasp soft beautiful and wear comfortably, just like the rubber clasp, however it’s durable can compare with metal clasp. The clasp by the stretch titanium-nickel alloy connected to the watchcase and Oyster safety catch. The sheet-metal covered with black high performance black rubber. The clasp will not affected under any environmental conditions. The clasp also equipped with 18ct eternal rose gold oyster type safety catch to prevent the cheap rolex replica open by accident.
The rotate outer ring of rolex yachtmaster replica equipped with the new brand black Cerachrom ceramic word circle which can show the quintessence of this watch. Make the wearer can read the time record of 60 minutes easily. This watch first match with black surface, make this surface, Chromalight noctilucence point and hour sign forming a strongly contrast. The noctilucence material sends the blue light so make this watch can easily to read at day or night.

The Oyster type of watchcase can make sure the waterproof as deep as 100 meter. Is the model of elegant and perfect proportion; the middle watch case of 18ct eternal rose gold was forged by Rolex factory. The cochain crown adopts three catch triple waterproof systems, together with triangle grooved bottom screw in the watchcase tightly. The crown shoulder pad and middle watchcase shoulder is fused together. The watch mirror make with blue crystal, at the location of 3 o’clock set a small window convex lens so people can read the calendar conveniently. The waterproof Oyster type watchcase can provide the perfect protection for the movement.