Why Is Rolex So Expensive?

6On, July 2nd, 1908 at 8 am, rolex replica watches (Rolex) trademark was registered formally. The first Rolex watches attracted immediate attention due to its sophisticated skill and excellent quality. A small Rolex watch gained A-level certificate of Kew Observatory in 1914, which was the highest evaluation that famous Observatory had never been awarded in UK. Its accuracy has been recognized, which is a great world event and makes its values soar at once in Europe and the United States. From then on, the quality of Rolex stands for the accuracy.

Like Rolex, people add some expensive decorations on the watch, such as gold and diamond. People add some good performances, like waterproof, which shows the difference of status. That is to say, Rolex is the representative of wealth and status.

How to Verify Rolex’s Authenticity?

Verifying watches’ authenticity depends on the hidden parts. The intention of fake watch is to gain illegally huge profit and makers never make efforts in details and materials.

  1. In order to guarantee water-proof performance of the watch, all Rolex watch crowns are equipped with turnbuckle on the outside and inside. Different from ordinary watches, the crown tubes of Rolex screw in the watchcase by thread, not by riveting process into watchcase. To screw in the watchcase closely, the inner wall of crown tube also has teeth. people only use the special tool to screw in. When pulling out the crown, we can clearly see the t teeth through magnifying glass. But the fake watch has no teeth.
  1. Rolex metal bracelet has oyster type (head type) and 50 anniversary type. The common 16233 Rolex serials have unique craft in the middle 18K gold bracelet. From the cross section, bending part is relatively thick. Fake Rolex can’t do it. So, thickness of every K gold bracelet in all rolex watches replica is same. Please bend the bracelet into 90 degree angle when looking at watches.